Stainless Steel Trailers.

Welcome to Heil Trailer, where a rich history of innovative excellence meets a commitment to delivering premium stainless steel trailers designed to exceed the most stringent region- and load-specific requirements globally. With a legacy in the industry, Heil Trailer stands for innovation and reliability, setting new benchmarks in the transportation of goods. For decades, Heil Trailer has been at the forefront of crafting stainless steel trailers that go beyond conventional standards. These trailers are fine-tuned solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges posed by diverse environments and cargo demands across the world. Heil Trailer’s stainless steel trailers ensure that your cargo arrives safely, no matter the circumstances.

Exposed Ring Stainless Steel Trailer

Heil Trailer’s Exposed Ring Stainless Steel Trailers set new standards for versatility and efficiency in chemical transport. With advanced features including piping, heating, insulation and safety-focused walkways, they’re customizable to specific needs. Renowned for being the market’s lightest trailers, they offer unmatched efficiency and innovation for every haul.

Insulated Stainless Steel Trailer

Heil Trailer’s Insulated Stainless Steel Trailers for chemical hauling epitomize premium performance and durability. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel and featuring a proven two-piece barrel design, they ensure reliability and longevity. Expert engineering minimizes welds, reducing the risk of porosity and leaks, while maximizing safety and efficiency.

Stainless Steel Asphalt Trailer

Heil Trailer’s Stainless Steel Asphalt Trailers redefine performance with a consistent 500-degree rating. Crafted entirely in stainless steel, they eliminate barrel corrosion and the need for frequent paint maintenance, ensuring longevity. Chosen for their safety, convenience and accessibility, these trailers epitomize efficiency in asphalt transport.

Food Grade Stainless Steel Trailer

Heil’s Food Grade Sanitary Stainless Steel Trailers represent the apex of food transport solutions. Engineered for lightweight efficiency and adaptable with multiple-axle configurations, these trailers elevate payload capacity. From 3A transports to units with specialized pump packages, they cater to diverse needs. Options for enhanced R-Values ensure optimal insulation.