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Since 1901, we have built trailers with enduring performance, backed by industry-leading service and the support of a nationwide dealer network and expert team. That’s why customers around the world trust Heil Trailer for efficiency and decades of on-the-road performance. It’s all part of our commitment to high quality, exceptional longevity and outstanding performance.

Petroleum Trailers


We specialize in crafting top-of-the-line petroleum trailers designed to meet the rigorous demands of the industry. Our trailers feature innovative technologies such as TANK Ai™ and LightGuard™, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency for transporting petroleum products.

With customizable configurations and industry-leading warranty coverage, our petroleum trailers are optimized for maximum payload capacity while maintaining strict adherence to safety standards. Whether you’re transporting gasoline or diesel fuel, Heil Trailer’s petroleum trailers offer unmatched durability and longevity, setting the standard for excellence in petroleum transportation.

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Stainless Steel Trailers


Backed by industry-leading support and expertise, our stainless trailer solutions include Exposed-Ring Chemical, Insulated Chemical, Stainless Steel Asphalt and Food Grade Sanitary trailers.

With innovative designs, durable construction and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Heil Trailer sets the standard for quality and reliability in stainless trailer solutions.

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Dry Bulk Trailers


Heil Trailers strategically engineer every Dry Bulk trailer to deliver premium performance, durability and longevity. As the dry bulk industry leader, we offer solutions for a range of hauling needs, from sand and cement to food-grade materials.

With our Small Cube, Large Cube, Food Grade, Super Flo Vac/Pneumatic, and J&L Doubles and Vac/Pneumatic options, Heil Trailer provides versatile solutions to meet diverse hauling requirements. Our trailers feature low tare weights and safety innovations, ensuring maximum efficiency and driver safety with every load.

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Crude Oil Trailers


Heil’s Crude Oil Trailer products are proven in the most challenging environments worldwide, offering premium performance that enhances efficiency and operator safety. Our trailers are designed with features such as low tare weight, complete drain-out capabilities, operator-friendly designs and large capacities to maximize every run’s potential.

Choose from our Standard, Lead and Pulls, and Michigan/West options to meet your specific hauling needs.

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Asphalt Trailers


Heil’s Asphalt Trailer products are engineered to tackle the toughest jobs with unmatched durability, industry-leading lightweight design, safety features and accessibility. Setting the standard in the industry, our Asphalt trailers, available in both aluminum and stainless steel options, are engineered to the highest standards. Every Heil Trailer Asphalt product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure legendary durability, efficiency and ease of use.

Choose from our Aluminum Standard or Stainless Steel Asphalt options for reliable solutions that excel in performance and durability. Trust Heil Asphalt Trailer product for consistency trailer solutions backed by decades of experience and innovation.

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Defense Trailers


With over 30 years of experience, Heil Trailer has been a trusted partner in supporting military operations worldwide. We collaborate closely with defense departments to deliver the premium performance, durability and longevity essential for demanding conditions.

Explore our range of Defense solutions, including ISO Systems, Fueling Systems and Reset/Recap options, designed to meet the unique needs of military operations. Contact us for parts and service to ensure your equipment remains in top condition for mission-critical tasks.

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Load security and tracking, operator ease and safety are just a few of the factors fleets need to focus on every day. A suite of groundbreaking technologies from Heil Trailer’s parent company, Engineered Transportation International (EnTrans), helps you stay on top of your game and haul smarter than ever before. TANK Ai is a family of intelligent tank technologies that delivers load security and operational efficiencies to transform hauling performance. Ask your RSM or Heil Trailer dealer about these advanced solutions for your fleet.

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