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We purchased a 51' 4-axle Heil Trailer pull trailer from Semi Service in June of 2013. We have been very pleased with our increased payload, the durability of the trailer and the outstanding business relationship we have built with the team at Heil Trailer and Jim Amicone at Semi Service. With the success we have had with this product, I look forward to doing business again with Heil Trailer and Semi Service.Jon Shepherd, Services President, Northwest Petroleum
Question: Would it be feasible and/or economical to convert a DOT 407 trailer to DOT 412 for hauling hydrochloric acid? Dirk

Answer: Thanks for the question Dirk! No, you cannot turn a 407 into a 412 certification. A 412 trailer has to be built to that certification; it must be built to ASME code and carry a U-Stamp on the plate. Unlike the 407, all material that goes into the 412 vessel must have papers certifying it meets the proper specifications. The trailer must also be rubber lined to handle hydrochloric acid. Even though some of these trailers are aluminum, the majority of them are made of steel.

Foreland Transportation operates a crude oil and refined products transportation company based in Woods Cross, Utah. Foreland Transportation has experienced a high level of satisfaction with the service and reliability it receives from Heil Trailer's products utilized in our operation. The trailers are well designed and built, and we have experienced very few issues or problems with our Heil trailers. We have also received excellent service from Heil Trailer's maintenance representative, Semi Service, which is located in North Salt Lake City, Utah.Pete lpson, Fleet Manager, Foreland Transportation