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Brady Trucking has been in the Dry Bulk industry for over 30 years. We have found Heil Trailer's products to be durable and well built. We work in the oilfield, and conditions there can be very tough. We have found that Heil's trailers stand up to the demands of our job very well. Heil Trailer is one of our top choice trailers.Larry E. Brady, President & CEO, Brady Trucking, Inc
Question: What are the regulatory requirements for fall protection while offloading a fuel tanker trailer in a remote site in Canada?

Answer: This is a very good question. We had to turn to our Heil Trailer International, Co. Canadian distributor (Intrans-Corp, Ph: 218-829-6136, Cell: 320-412-6521, to get an answer. To the best of our knowledge, there is no specific fall protection requirements. There are however, some general safety requirements such as “no platform can be any higher than the overturn protection”, but these are basic government safety regulations that trailer manufacturers have been required to follow for a very long time and just about any trailer will have this incorporated or just will not have any type of catwalk/walkway. What we have found is that most companies, both trucking and shipping, have their own requirements as to what their fall protection policy is going to be in accordance to their safety department and insurance company requirements. This means if you are moving product for Ecana or Shell your trailer has to meet their safety regulations, which would include fall protection. Our suggestion is that you discuss with your company and the company you are hauling product for and ask them what are their current safety / fall protection requirements.

We purchased a 51' 4-axle Heil Trailer pull trailer from Semi Service in June of 2013. We have been very pleased with our increased payload, the durability of the trailer and the outstanding business relationship we have built with the team at Heil Trailer and Jim Amicone at Semi Service. With the success we have had with this product, I look forward to doing business again with Heil Trailer and Semi Service.Jon Shepherd, Services President, Northwest Petroleum