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Brady Trucking has been in the Dry Bulk industry for over 30 years. We have found Heil Trailer's products to be durable and well built. We work in the oilfield, and conditions there can be very tough. We have found that Heil's trailers stand up to the demands of our job very well. Heil Trailer is one of our top choice trailers.Larry E. Brady, President & CEO, Brady Trucking, Inc
Question: I’m in charge of Emergency Response at our location. We ship millions of pounds of material in tank trailers and other containers. I’m looking for a training program to attend to learn how to deal with these type of containers. Can possibly help me locate some schools? Tuck

Answer: You can contact Shane Jenkins at Emergency Response Services, Inc. (256-997-9087 Business; 423-506-6624 Cell; 256-997-9041 Fax). He will do on-site training.

Foreland Transportation operates a crude oil and refined products transportation company based in Woods Cross, Utah. Foreland Transportation has experienced a high level of satisfaction with the service and reliability it receives from Heil Trailer's products utilized in our operation. The trailers are well designed and built, and we have experienced very few issues or problems with our Heil trailers. We have also received excellent service from Heil Trailer's maintenance representative, Semi Service, which is located in North Salt Lake City, Utah.Pete lpson, Fleet Manager, Foreland Transportation