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A Hands-On Relationship Providing Game-Changing Product Solutions

The partnership we share with our customers is at the core of what we do. With over 100 years of experience, we continue to focus our energy on developing and engineering custom solutions built for you through region- and load-specific engineering, customer collaboration in trailer design, access to design files, personal, responsive technical support and the solutions-driven commitment of our expansive network of certified and authorized Heil Trailer dealers and service locations—with no hand-offs or shortcuts when it comes to your success.

An Unmatched Track Record of Innovation and Customer Success

Our industry leadership spans the entire history of the Heil Trailer brand—more than 110 years in the making. It’s evidenced today by our industry-leading ten-year barrel and 4-year Silver limited warranties. Leadership is also found in the establishment of our operator safety training and exclusive Master Welder certification schools. And our Lean production facilities, that are triple ISO-Certified for Safety, Quality and Environmental Responsibility, set an exclusive standard for excellence in trailer manufacturing.

Custom Engineered to Meet the Most Demanding Expectations

It’s found in products of enduring value and thoughtful engineering, designed to meet the most stringent region- and load-specific requirements in 85 countries around the globe—anywhere the tens of thousands of Heil trailers are in service every day—from Anchorage to Atlanta, Boston to Buenos Aires, Chicago to Saudi Arabia—and beyond. And it’s proven day in and day out, through the exceptional service life and premium resale values that Heil trailers command. Most of all, it’s found in the enduring relationships we share with our loyal customers and nationwide network of Heil Trailer dealers and service locations.



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