Mar 21, 2016 | Press Release

Cleveland, Tenn. – (March 21, 2016) – Heil Trailer International is once again raising the bar in trailer efficiency and functionality with the introduction of its aluminum 1818 and 1611 Dry Bulk Sanitary trailers, capitalizing on a unique design developed specifically through customer collaboration and feedback.

The four-hopper 1818 and three-hopper 1611 models set the new industry standard for sanitary trailers by eliminating both internal and external structures. The patented design provides increased load capacity and simplifies complete tank clean-out, while eliminating areas where bacteria can form. At the same time, the removal of corresponding external channel reinforcements extends sanitary design features beyond the tank’s interior. The removal of the external channels creates a smooth exterior, eliminating potential bacteria traps while simultaneously enhancing trailer aerodynamics and transport efficiency.

“When measured against comparably equipped trailers,” states Ryan Rockafellow, Heil Trailer, VP Sales & Marketing, “the new design makes the 1818 and 1611 two of the lightest weight trailers in the industry, increasing customer value through maximized operational efficiency and minimized tare weight. Built to suit the needs of food product haulers, these lightweight workhorses are rugged enough to handle lime and other caustic chemical payloads as well.”

Traditional dry bulk vessels accommodate approximately 85% of total tank volume. In contrast, the 1818 and 1611 tanks expand load capacity to 96% of tank volume, a result of increased internal free area and hopper angle configurations within the vessel. The net gain for the customer is more pounds of product hauled per pound of trailer weight, driving straight down to bottom-line profitability.

“The 1611 trailers in our fleet are performing extremely well and deliver on Heil Trailer’s promise of improved efficiency, capacity and sanitation,” says Heil Trailer customer, Jeff Walters, President/Owner, WW Transportation. “Our tank clean-out process for these new trailers is easier and faster, which means we’re assured of a sanitary tank environment with the added benefit of quicker availability of prepped trailers ready for the next load. And because we have access to more payload capacity than any other trailers in our fleet, we’re able to maximize the return on each load as well.”

“The development of the 1818 and 1611 dry bulk trailer family is another great example of how we listen to the needs of our customer partners,” adds Bryan Yielding, Heil Trailer VP of Engineering, “and a testament to our ability to then develop relevant solutions that enhance their business and serve their bottom line.”

More information about Heil Trailer’s 1818 and 1611 family of dry bulk trailers can be found at www.heiltrailer.com.

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