Feb 21, 2017 | Press Release

Heil Trailer International Launches Full Line of Fleet Duty™ Lightweight Petroleum Trailers

Cleveland, Tenn. – (February 21, 2017) – Heil Trailer International has launched its brand-new Fleet DutyTM frameless petroleum trailer at the Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The optimized trailer offers reduced weights of 800 – 1,100 pounds and delivers the same durability that Heil Trailer models have been known for throughout the industry.

Recognizing the demand for lightweight and efficient trailers, Heil Trailer began the process of developing a weight-optimized trailer two years ago. The company extensively tested and validated the new Fleet DutyTM line which joins Heil Trailer’s current industry-leading offering of petroleum trailers. The new Fleet Duty lightweight trailers are backed by the same warranty as other Heil Trailer models and offer the same enduring quality.

As a result of the weight savings achieved through barrel construction and frame optimization, Heil Trailer’s Fleet DutyTM petroleum line is lighter or the same weight as other brands on the market today. Engineering breakthroughs and technologies used in optimizing the barrel are now being applied across all Heil Trailer products. In addition to the new frameless models, standard petroleum trailers with frames and weight-optimized barrels are also available, delivering significant weight savings over prior versions.

The first Fleet DutyTM frameless petroleum trailer from Heil Trailer was sold to DC Logistics and is on display at the WPMA show. “We’re excited that Heil Trailer is now offering a petroleum trailer that provides the weight savings we need,” states Robert Pier, CEO of DC Logistics. “We run other Heil Trailer products as well and know we can rely on their quality day in and day out.”

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