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Foreland Transportation operates a crude oil and refined products transportation company based in Woods Cross, Utah. Foreland Transportation has experienced a high level of satisfaction with the service and reliability it receives from Heil Trailer's products utilized in our operation. The trailers are well designed and built, and we have experienced very few issues or problems with our Heil trailers. We have also received excellent service from Heil Trailer's maintenance representative, Semi Service, which is located in North Salt Lake City, Utah.Pete lpson, Fleet Manager, Foreland Transportation


Heil Trailer International, Co. in Athens, Tennessee, is the leading manufacturer of aluminum tank trailers in the world. This 213,000-square-foot facility operates two shifts a day, six days a week, producing over 100 units per month. Athens manufactures Heil Dry Bulk Low Cube (1,000 cu.ft. to 1,350 cu.ft.) trailers as well as commercial and military petroleum tank trailers. Our core competencies reside in the engineering and manufacturing of customized trailers that meet or exceed our customer product/service expectations. The Athens facility places over 35,000 pounds of aluminum and 30,000 pounds of steel (primarily due to the stainless steel military refuelers) into production daily.

Innovation is the key to our success; Heil Trailer is the only manufacturer that builds a lapped top petroleum trailer designed to envelop the heads and surge baffles. This allows us to build a more reliable, higher quality, more cosmetically appealing vessel.

Heil Trailer is the first tank trailer manufacturer to receive ISO Certification in North America. We continue our commitment to continuous quality and process improvement through implementation of lean manufacturing concepts that reduce product costs, shorten lead times and reduce manufacturing process cycle time. Entering our second century as a trailer manufacturer, Heil Trailer continues to build upon its market leadership success through a renewed commitment to customer satisfaction.

Brady Trucking has been in the Dry Bulk industry for over 30 years. We have found Heil Trailer's products to be durable and well built. We work in the oilfield, and conditions there can be very tough. We have found that Heil's trailers stand up to the demands of our job very well. Heil Trailer is one of our top choice trailers.Larry E. Brady, President & CEO, Brady Trucking, Inc