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We purchased a 51' 4-axle Heil Trailer pull trailer from Semi Service in June of 2013. We have been very pleased with our increased payload, the durability of the trailer and the outstanding business relationship we have built with the team at Heil Trailer and Jim Amicone at Semi Service. With the success we have had with this product, I look forward to doing business again with Heil Trailer and Semi Service.Jon Shepherd, Services President, Northwest Petroleum

Question: I’m in charge of Emergency Response at our location. We ship millions of pounds of material in tank trailers and other containers. I’m looking for a training program to attend to learn how to deal with these type of containers. Can possibly help me locate some schools? Tuck

Answer: You can contact Shane Jenkins at Emergency Response Services, Inc. (256-997-9087 Business; 423-506-6624 Cell; 256-997-9041 Fax). He will do on-site training.

Question: Is it possible to install marker lights by drilling two-inch holes into the top edge of a Heil trailer? Richard

Answer: Assuming you are speaking of a Heil Trailer petroleum trailer, it is not recommended to cut holes in the flashing rails of any size. However, Heil Trailer has brackets for this purpose. These brackets are designed to be tack-welded to the flashing rails. Please contact Heil Tank Service for these parts.

Question: Is there any way to set up in-transit heat for a heat source other than a tractor, and still be able to run it through the tractor? Thank you for your help. Randy

Answer: Generally, stainless steel general chemical insulated tank trailers (MC307 or DOT407) are equipped with a heat panel. The heat system design uses either a dimple or channel panel. The heat panels are designed for steam (up to 150 psig) and tractor in-transit heat (3.5 to 6 GPM at no more than 10 psig). Steam is usually connected at the rear of the trailer and in-transit is at the front of trailer. Some carriers have designed stationary heating systems for use with a parked trailer. The stationary heater is similar to a home water heater with a pump and closed-loop system. The water heater tank contains the same coolant as the tractor. The coolant is pumped to the heat panel and returns to the water heater. The connections at the front of the trailer would be used with the stationary heater. When using in-transit, the tractor coolant is temperature is approximately 175 to 200 deg F based on the specific tractor. Several precautions should be taken with heating. Always make sure the heat panel is filled with coolant using in-transit heat. Never heat/steam an empty trailer. When you steam a trailer, you will lose your coolant. If using a stationary heater, minimize the hose length from the heater to the trailer, make sure the closed loop system is fully charged with coolant and monitor the circulating coolant temperature.

Question: Many companies these days are more concerned about quantity over quality. How do the manufacturers rank in quality and workmanship among each other? Also, who is the best custom tank manufacturer?

Answer: Heil Trailer International, Co. does not rank tank manufacturers, and we know of no source for such a rating. We respect our competitors for the niche they fill and do not consider their market position when designing our products. However, Heil Trailer is the only ISO 9001 certified tank manufacturer in the United States, and therefore held to strict quality standards, which includes custom-designed and manufactured trailers. Each order our plant accepts for production is individually engineered per detailed sales specifications in conformance with governing regulations and Heil Trailer’s “best-in-class” quality standards. We offer a full line of products in each of the segments (liquid, dry bulk, heavy haul, etc.) we serve, for virtually any axle configuration in order to comply with State and Federal Bridge formula (as well as international standards). Heil Trailer uses the highest quality components and raw materials during their manufacturing processes. A typical Heil Trailer owner believes safety, ergonomics, equipment longevity, low maintenance costs, superior technical support and service, high resale value, and aesthetics are the most important features when picking an equipment supplier. Heil Trailer strives to meet this “best-in-class” quality standard in an effort to exceed our customers expectations. If you’d like to learn more about Heil Trailer International, Co., please contact your nearest authorized Heil Trailer International, Co. distributor found on our website.

Foreland Transportation operates a crude oil and refined products transportation company based in Woods Cross, Utah. Foreland Transportation has experienced a high level of satisfaction with the service and reliability it receives from Heil Trailer's products utilized in our operation. The trailers are well designed and built, and we have experienced very few issues or problems with our Heil trailers. We have also received excellent service from Heil Trailer's maintenance representative, Semi Service, which is located in North Salt Lake City, Utah.Pete lpson, Fleet Manager, Foreland Transportation