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Heil Trailer has been our petroleum tanker of choice exclusively since 1994. We utilize over 94 Heil Trailer tankers to service our Midwestern convenience stores. In our opinion, their reliability and competitive pricing make Heil second to none in the petroleum tanker industry. I would recommend Heil Trailer petroleum tankers to anyone seeking to run a quality dependable fleet.Jay Blair, V.P. Transportation Distribution, Casey’s General Stores, Inc.


The early 1900s saw the beginnings of revolutionary change in the world: The Wright brothers’ flight at Kitty Hawk, Einstein’s theory of relativity and Marconi’s first transatlantic wireless message. This was also the time a man named Julius P. Heil embarked on a personal journey to transform the transportation industry with his innovative ideas. In 1901, Julius Heil founded the Heil Rail Joint Welding Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, pioneering the use of electric welding. As the company grew and prospered, Heil began building truck bodies, hydraulic hoists and a variety of truck trailers for the newborn automotive industry.

In 1938, after Julius Heil was elected Governor of Wisconsin, his son Joseph F. Heil became C.E.O. of The Heil Company and later became Chairman of the board. Joe Heil, Sr. served for 39 years until his son; Joseph F. Heil, Jr. took over. He served as the company’s leader until 1993 when Heil Trailer was purchased by the Dover Corporation.

Heil Trailer’s employees continue to focus their efforts on developing innovative products and services, building relationships and providing the best “after-the-sale” service for the transportation industry; the same principles that Julius P. Heil embraced in 1901 when he founded the company. Heil Trailer International, Co. remains a financially stable and enduring presence in the trailer industry; whose founding principles are very much evident in the work ethic of all Heil Trailer associates around the world.

Foreland Transportation operates a crude oil and refined products transportation company based in Woods Cross, Utah. Foreland Transportation has experienced a high level of satisfaction with the service and reliability it receives from Heil Trailer's products utilized in our operation. The trailers are well designed and built, and we have experienced very few issues or problems with our Heil trailers. We have also received excellent service from Heil Trailer's maintenance representative, Semi Service, which is located in North Salt Lake City, Utah.Pete lpson, Fleet Manager, Foreland Transportation